MAD DOG EXPEDITIONS has an outstanding international team of professionals in the world of diving, exploration and adventure that are available for private and customized expeditions and projects. We will plan, prepare and execute adventures of a lifetime as requested. If you have ever wanted to travel to Xanadu or Timbuktu call us and we'll do our best to make it happen.

We assemble from within our network the best leaders for customized expeditions and projects based on the needs of each client.
Mad Dog Expeditions are recognized in the industry for expertise in the Polar regions, Amazon rainforest, large marine animal filming and handling, wreck diving, ice diving and closed circuit rebreathers.


TV ASAHI (Japan), GLOBO TV (Brazil), Discovery Channel, NBC Universal, SKY TV, RAI TV 4, Pilot Productions, Paramount Pictures and the Travel Channel. In addition to our industry clients our private clients include, Non profit organizations, Ocean Outreach, world class adventurers, explorers, CEO's, TV personalities, friends and family.

We take pride in our experience and our professionalism and look forward to discussing your filming projects and forthcoming expedition interests.

If you would like specific information on contracting ROV ("OTIS") services please let us know:

Quest For Knowledge, Thirst For Adventure.