In 1994 Mad Dog Expeditions launched its first year of operations as a pioneer in diving remote and unexplored areas of the world. We dived the far reaches of the Canadian High Arctic, remote areas of Papua New Guinea, dived in with Great Whites in Gansbaai, S.A. and deep in the jungles of the Amazon rain forest and many exotic locations in between.

The company was founded and owned by NYC friends and business partners Christine Dennison and Kourosh Mahboubian.
Since 1997 the company has been owned and directed by Christine working with a team of outstanding professionals in the world of diving, exploration and adventure.

The Mad Dog network has grown and extends beyond scuba diving into mountaineering, parasailing, marine exploration, wildlife expeditions, Non profit organizations, exploration outreach, television and movie production. 

We take pride in our experience and our professionalism and have evolved into a specialized expedition company. We assemble from within our network the best teams for expeditions and projects based on the needs of each client.

We are recognized in the industry for our expertise in the Polar regions, Amazon rainforest, large marine animal filming and handling, wreck diving, ice diving and closed circuit rebreathers.

If you have a dream expedition or project in mind that no one else can us!
We look forward to sharing many more years of adventures and exploration with you.

Thank you and safe travels,

Christine Dennison
Mad Dog Expeditions
"Quest For Knowledge, Thirst For Adventure"

Quest For Knowledge, Thirst For Adventure.