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High Arctic- Resolute Bay, Nunavut-Diving the NorthWest Passage

Dive where no one has ever dived before! The diving is awe inspiring but the scenery, wildlife and time spent trekking and traveling on Snowmobiles to nearby islands offers an incredible adventure.

  • Extraordinary photo opportunities both above and below the ice
  • Swimming beneath a twenty foot thick layer of ice 
  • Surrounded by submerged canyons formed by evolving glaciers 

This underwater environment is as alien as outer space yet remains an area of immense historical importance that has enticed some of the world's most famous explorers.  
Mad Dog Expeditions pioneered scuba diving and exploring the islands around Resolute Bay since 1994 and continue to travel and explore the culture and adventure the North has to offer.

If your mission in life is pursuing hard-core adventure in hazardous and untamed locations, then plunging into the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean is for you. Dive into a crystalline submarine world that very few humans are ever privy to. There is a rich eco-system that thrives beneath this frozen ocean, bright blues purples and greens accentuate this extraterrestrial world of caves caverns and walls. 

The sea bed is full of brightly colored invertebrates and cold water corals, kelp beds, ghost like ice fish, seals and other marine mammals. The marine landscape here is one of the Earth's rare wonders. The waters are scattered with imposing glaciers and icebergs as well as underwater channels and caverns that are a photographers dream. 
The water is clear, with visibility often exceeding one or two hundred feet. Scuba divers generally accustomed to warm weather, should anticipate the cold much like in skiing and other winter sports.

However, the thermal consideration is primarily a technical issue that you will learn ( acclimate) to control. Arctic salt water is super cooled to 28.6ø F. 
At a time when little of the globe remains unexplored, the Arctic remains a challenge to human ingenuity.

The Arctic is a land that has always lured intrepid souls to test themselves against its intense and unpredictable nature.

It is the classic stage setting for survival of the fittest...Very few people people venture this far north, but those who do fall in love with the beauty, romance and history that they find themselves immersed in.

Polar bears, Walrus, Arctic fox, Sea birds can be seen at the ice flow edge whose location varies from year to year, but seals are always in abundance along with the adrenaline!
  • Grenada Wrecks 
  • Bahamas Sharks
  • Bahamas Dolphins
  • Dominican Republic humpback whaleshumpback whales
  • Canadian High Arctic